• trollie


    My story... kind of :P

    Name is trollie and I play a few online games, games like Aion, King of Kings 3. One of them is Fiesta Online. I like to play with others, as it is more fun.

    I also have a life outside online games. I love playing with sharp objects, so be careful :P My darts hit the round thingy... what was it called... Nope, it is not Tycoons head... still.. close enough... Ahhhh, I remember, target :) I have won a few matches in my time.

    I'm a bit crazy . Just ask Juno, she had fun when I met Tycoon and her. He does call me "grumpy", not that I know where that come from... We all are "not so happy" before a sig and a coffee :P

    Best regards from me :)