• Tycoon


    I am Tycoon, and a few character names in different games. Some of my favorite games are; Indiana Jones adventures, Tex Murphy series and a few more. When it comes to online games; Fiesta Online, King of Kings 3, HumanAge and a few more.

    When playing online games, I try to play fair and I try to be helpful. Some times, I might loose my head, but it is not often that I rage in game... on TeamSpeak... that is different :P It is hard to say how I am, but I am sure you can make up your mind by your self when you meet me in game :)

    I love Order Of Dreamers, we fight, love, hate and have fun together. Typing in games or as most of the time, talking with each other in voice on TeamSpeak. We are not many, just a few, but we would like to welcome new faces to our small gaming community. Not all might be welcome, as we try to play games in same style; as fair as possible, as honest as possible, as close to in game rules as possible and most of all - for the fun of playing together, even if we play different games.

    Feel free to test games that we play, suggest some new and join us in the fun :D

    Best regards from me :)