• Pizza

    Hello everyone~

    My Name in game is Pizza, but you may also know me by Moonlight, Cake or Monoka. Over the last years I’ve come to love the community of OoD very much so even though I cannot be very active at the moment since I attend a boarding school where the internet does not like games or TeamSpeak (T.T) I will drop by as often as I can and bug you all every now and then (not evil at all ;3)

    I’ve played Fiesta, Iris Online and a few other online games no one here would probably know. But if you would like to know feel free to ask~. In Fiesta I’ve also met my 2 charming wifeys (yes, 2 of them u.u, I’m horrible, right? D:) my faithful Sinestra and Sakura_chan1 (be careful with this one - she enjoys doing strange things sometimes so she’s a little hard to handle, please try staying away from her without taking sufficient safety measures). Other than that I enjoy playing ps3 games such as FF13 or Naruto (yes, naruto D:). In all of them I’ve tried to have fun while playing fairly with others, I’m not a solo player at all so a guild and the community are very important to me.

    I’m usually quite shy with people I don’t know, but don’t let it put you off, I’ll act crazy soon enough, don’t worry :D Other than play games I read a lot and sometimes try out my artistic talents (believe me or not, there should be a spark of those hidden somewhere, I know it *^*) or just watch some movies or anime. Recently I also became a fan of Vocaloid (google it if you don’t know it <3) and light novels.

    I hope you’ll have some fun with me and join us on our epic adventures through the world of Online Games and their beautiful storylines and graphics! See you around <3

    There :3

    Coming to a table near you :D