• Juno


    Mostly known as Juno I sometimes go by the name of Demmi or occasionally the simple Eileithyia. I am a dreamer, I love to sink into a colorful fantasy word and have fun with the other dreamers. I also love to play in peace and do not wish to be in the middle of a drama. I don’t care about achievements (unless it is about the amount of grog you absorbed), or how much money you have, I prefer to hear about the fun you are having :)

    In playing I prefer to do things the hard way, figuring out the puzzles is half of the fun. It might seem weird so please forgive me if I don’t accept your well intended help. I also have fun in organizing guild events or funny games in games.

    Besides games mentioned on this website I love to play old fashioned DOS-games or any other game with a good storyline (Dreamfall for example) or mystical puzzles. I also read a lot and sometimes try to write something myself. In the forum you can also find some games I made myself. If you love to try out just let me know!

    Love to see you around!