• Iridessa

    Hello all ,

    I'm Iridessa some of you might know me as ''hairy male gorilla'' because of my Godfather Tycoon. He choose the name for me, I liked it so I kept it :P ( masochistic much ? I guess so :P ).

    I'm playing fiesta 5 years now I'm fed up like hell but i keep coming back cause I love OoD and the people inside that guild. They are my family for all this years :D I like also other games like Diablo , King of Kings 3 , Iris onnline and Guild wars. According to Tycoon I'm pain in the butt most of the times but i guess that's what makes me unique ( its my lucky charm but Shhh .. don't say it to anyone ). I want to believe that people like me and I don't have any enemies in the game cause i always try to be nice and fair with everyone.

    Things that I really love in my life are my animals, for those who doesn't know, i have 2 cats and 4 dogs. Other than that i love movies and TV series :) and OFC OFC our guild leader in OrderOfDreamers Tycoon ( i mentioned him only cause i don't want him to feel left out but don't tell him plz :P )

    As for what i hate now, its very simple and its one an only word ... can anyone guess maybe ??? ( T****N) Just use imagination and i m sure you can find it ;)

    Best regards

    Hairy Male Gorilla