• Cybele

    Hello all.

    Cybele/Angel here. I am playing both Guild Wars and Fiesta and have lots of fun with old and new friends both there in game and in TeamSpeak where we can both talk and hear each other. Makes gaming much more fun :D

    To try and catch up with some of the high level characters in Fiesta is so hard, but if I need help I get the help I need, lots of good will there. For some odd reason I keep creating new characters and I guess the reason for doing so is….. IT IS FUN :D I have now 2 Mages, 1 Cleric and 1 Archer.

    Holmes is the reason I started playing Guild Wars. It’s his fault and I blame him for all the fun that I have when playing that game ;) He kept nagging and nagging about how great the game was, so I just had to try it and found that it was a great game to play.

    In this game, if you play long enough, you even get birthday presents and if you are not as stupid as I have been you will not delete any. In Guild Wars I am a ranger, a necromancer and a ritualist.

    Have met people from all over the world and it is so easy to have a chat with them in TS. It is also easy to play the games and do some planning on how to do an attack when all can talk together.

    I am enjoying my times that I spend both in games and TS, have had lots of good laughs in the past and hope and believe that lots will come in the future too.