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  • Greetings, my friend.

    Please find a comfortable place, as I tell the story about OrderOfDreamers, also known as OoD.

    Hey, Bane, can you please get something to drink for our new friend? And no Iridessa, let Cryon cool down after his last, and yet another attempt to gather others for yesterdays raid. Don't worry Cryon, there is, even by your high standard, a Godly weapon out there. You will find it.

    See Mira, even while being under that rage, Cryon can smile.

    So... where were we... Ahh, the short version about OoD.

    Juno and I, met in a far away place called Human Age. We, Juno, Hugus, Noga and many more, were hunting mammoths, gathering material, and generally hoping for the prehistoric times to pass. We wanted to become members in an active Celtic clan, then Pharaohs, build pyramids help our clan, so we all could move on. And we did, we lost some, but the ones that went on, went to Greek age and even further.

    What I did not know at that time, was that Juno was visiting some far away continent called Isya. I entered the world of Fiesta Online and the continent of Isya 27.2.2009. Same day, Juno and I got married. She was this high level of 45 (at least for me), sexy archer. Juno was then a member of the great Guild called Holy_VanGuards.

    Holy_VanGuards welcomed me with open arms. Many of the members have been there from the early start. Both Juno and I, had many great moments with other members of Holy_VanGuards. We both miss all that disappeared over time..

    13.11.2009 OrderOfDreamers (OoD) was created by Juno and me. We agreed on how we want to play and what/how we would like other members in our Guild to be..

    You can read the Terms of Use, Forum and Guild rules by clicking on the colored words or one of the links on the right side...

    Yes, yes Holmes... I will not forget..

    OrderOfDreamers is also represented in the fantastic world of Guild Wars, by no other than the so hint full Holmes (SimonTheStupid). It is a great world to explore.

    OoD is also exploring the world of King of Kings 3. Where fighting for your life is a daily challenge. We are part of more games, but most of all, we are a few friends that try to keep in touch, no matter where our adventures move us.

    Ohh how I miss Treat, she was fun to have around, but as I, Iridessa, Holmes, Cryon, Bloemsun, Trollie, Lollie, Plo and a few others went to actively explore the world of King of Kings 3, and left the the world of Isya for about 3 years, many moved on to other Guilds in Fiesta Online. We wish them all the best in the fantastic worlds they will visit.

    I see that you are silent Straker. I know, many of the older members you might not know, members like: NLmeisje, Omonia, Matylul, Fungi, Mausje, Douchekop, Supermagician, ClericArjan, Fear, Noga, Monoka and I can't forget to mention Moonlight, and many more, but you are part of us now.

    Anyone for some baked in oven pizza? Polaris? Ploplo? Maybe you Cybele? No need to run Pizza.

    Just keep to your animé. We will need you soon.

    Well my friend from afar... This is the short version of the lore of OoD. We need to gather for new adventures. I hear that new monsters have crossed the boundaries of unknown again..

    Lets get ready OoD, lets show the monsters what OrderOfDreamers is made of.

    You, my friend, have a choice, stay here and be safe or come and join us in adventures that span all over the world.

    Be safe my friend, and by the way, my name is Tycoon. Hope to see you soon.

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